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Java Servlets - 2 minute tutorial

How to create a war file

Now that we have written our first servlet and compiled the servlet, it's time to create a war file with the servlet in it.

To create the war file, we will use the jar command.

A war file has a given structure, it has a WEB_INF folder with classes and lin sub-folders for compiled packages and jar files respectively. Besides, the WEB-INF folder also contains the deployment descriptor web.xml. Any public resourec like jsp, images, js etc lie outside the WEB-INF folder as shown in the image below.

Typical structure of the contents in the .war file :

A sample deploument descriptor web.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Now, let's see the comamnd to create the war file myApp.war :

jar -cf myApp.war *

will put all contents of the current folder in the war file myApp.war as shown in the image below.