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Memcache Server - 2 minute tutorial

How to check statistics of running memcached

You can check the statistics of a running memcached server by using the command stats fater you have connected to the server by using telnet command as shown in the image below.
The image below shows typical output of stats command. The table below describes some of the important statistics displayed.

Description of some important statistics displayed in image above :

Statistics Name Description
uptime seconds elapsed since memcached server started
curr_items number of items currently in cache
total_items total number of items put in cache ( some may have got evicted since)
bytes currently used memory space to store items
limit_maxbytes allowed maximum memory space to store items
bytes_read total number of bytes read from network
bytes_written total number of bytes written to network
curr_connections currently open connections to memcached server
total_connenctions total conenctions ever opened to memcached server (same may have been closed since)
cmd_get number of times get command was called
cmd_set number of times set command was called
get_hits number of succesful get requests
get_misses number of failed get requests
evictions number of items evicted from memcache to free memmory for new items
threads number of worker threads internally used by memcached to server client connections
listen_disabled_num number of times new connections requests weer refused by memcached