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Memcache Server - 2 minute tutorial

Memcached commands : Commands that memcached server understands

When connecting to memcached from the command line, a handful of commands are available to you for communicating with it. These are :

Mmecached Commands :

Comamnd Usage
set >set mykey 0 1000 7
Add a key-value pair or replace an existing key in memcahed. Here 1000 is the expiry time of this key-value pair in secondsand 7 is the length of the value i.e. 'myvalue'.
get >get mykey
Fetches the value from memcahed for the key supplied.
delete >delete mykey
Deletes a key-value pair from memache
flush_all Flushes all data from memcached
stats Provides statistics of a running memcached server and is explained in more detail in next page.