2 Minutes To Code (β Version)

Simon - 2 minute tutorial

Overview of Simon api

Simon api is used to time an application i.e. gather statistics about the execution time of application code.

The download link to current version of simon is javasimon-3.2.1. All previous versions are deprecated.

The statistics that simon collects are :

Statististical Element Description Java Object
counter Number of events registered with simon Sample + Stopwatch
total Total time taken by all events, sum of individual events time Sample + Stopwatch
mean Average time taken per event Sample + Stopwatch
min Minimum time taken by an event Sample + Stopwatch
max Maximum time taken by an event Sample + Stopwatch
standar deviation Standard deviation between time taken by events Sample
variance Variance between time taken by events Sample
active Curerntly active events Sample
max-active Maximum number of events active at any time since stopwatch started Sample
minTimestamp The timestamp fo firt event recorded Sample
maxTimestamp The timestamp fo last event recorded Sample
last Time taken by last event Sample